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enjeux1What’s at stake

You would like to work with your staff in their career advancement, allowing them to learn more about themselves, to identify their available skills and their potential to allow them to build their professional project.

Your staff members are asking themselves questions about the future of their career: What path should I take? What skills should I acquire or develop? How can I highlight my expertise? How will I face change in my career situation?

You would like to provide support to a staff member seeking to reposition themselves professionally, to change work environments, or to adjust to a new set of restrictions.

Mangers, executives, you have questions about the next step in your career path and would like to spend time in a place that is neutral, trustworthy, with support from a human resources professional that will listen and apply a professional methodology adapted to your needs.

approcheOur solutions

We conduct personalized skills assessments suited for each individual situation.

Using a methodology with a solid but flexible framework, our consultants guide the individual through an effective exploration of their personality, of their operational and potential skills, of professions and industries that will foster the emergence of a legitimate and realistic project. The individual becomes an active stakeholder in their own professional development.

The work accomplished serves to identify the right conditions for the project to succeed and to build and implement the operational framework.

To provide men and women with support when contemplating their current situation or who are actively looking to change positions and/or move up.

To take advantage of the experience accumulated and to prepare for the future; to think about the second or third phase in a career once one has become a “seasoned veteran”.

To switch to another profession due to health or employability issues.

To validate and develop an entrepreneurial projectto maximize your chances of success.

To provide young people with guidance in building their education and career projects.

atoutOur Strengths

Our consultants are experts in individual guidance and personal development.

Our partnership approach is based on the fundamental principle of goodwill. Our consultants support structured advancement, help the individual to better understand their skills, talents, and limitations, and to trigger the mobilization of resources.

Throughout the entire process, the individual explores their interests, values, and motivations; becomes more aware of what truly has meaning, of their aspirations and determining factors in their motivation; and learns to truly understand themselves to ensure positive change.

Through discussions and the tools used, the individual evaluates their usable and transferable skills, their managerial profile, what they potentially need to learn relative to their professional project (and/or education).

Our methodology is both robust and flexible, based upon a battery of proven tools (MBTI, DISC, STRONG, interest inventory, aptitude tests…) that allows us to apply the right method for each individual.

We benefit from a broad team of consultants to offer multiple perspectives and comparisons with recruitment and business creation professionals who possesses knowledge about a wide variety of professions as well as the labor market.